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  • Claims and the Solar Energy Trend

    By John Harmonay|August 26, 2014|English

    Many states currently provide incentives to homeowners and businesses to encourage them to achieve zero net energy use. Combine this with the falling prices of solar panels and storage batteries, and a large number of U.S. homes and businesses could...

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  • The Deregulation Bill - Will It Really Modernise the Road Traffic Act?

    By Anna Dalton |August 24, 2014|English

    The Deregulation Bill is currently on its way to gaining Royal Assent and becoming an Act of Parliament (law) in the UK. Aiming to “make provision for the reduction of burdens resulting from legislation for businesses or other organisations or...

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  • Freight Trains - Are They Safe?

    By Bill Baumann |August 21, 2014|English

    According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there has been a significant increase in freight train derailments in the U.S. and Canada involving trains carrying crude oil and ethanol. This provides an opportunity to discuss both the tank cars...

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  • DIY Genetic Testing - Is the Genie Out of the Bottle?

    By Dr. John Cummins|August 19, 2014|English

    The first sequence of the human genome was made publicly available in 2003. It took international laboratories collaborating over 10 years to complete, at a cost of around US$3 billion. Technological advances now mean that a human genome can be sequenced...

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  • Screening and Overdiagnosis - Better the Devil You Know?

    By Dr. Ian Cox|August 17, 2014|English

    New technologies and therapies in medicine have hugely improved the early diagnosis and treatment of many conditions. But, it’s becoming clear that these advances come with a cost. A significant number of people are now being told they have a...

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  • She’s Got a Ticket To Ride - But Who’s Picking Up The Liability Tab?

    By David Hurt|August 14, 2014|English

    From coast to coast, the ridesharing concept has gone into overdrive. Transportation Network Companies (or TNCs), such as Uber, are thriving as part of a collaborative consumption culture that promotes goods and services sharing via the Internet and...

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