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  • Medical Underwriting and the Mother of Invention

    By Ross Campbell |November 27, 2018|English

    It’s easy to forget that Life insurance was an invention. Writing in 1866, the actuary Cornelius Walford described the workings of the Amicable Friendly Society that had opened for business 150 years earlier: “The plan was this: the number...

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  • Life & Health Insurance - It’s Getting Personal

    By Karin Brendel|October 25, 2018|English | Français

    The continuous harvesting of data in today’s increasingly digitalised world is fueling a drive to include more and more differentiating criteria in the design and pricing of Life and Health insurance products. Today’s products mostly reflect...

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  • Income Protection Insurance - Your Time Is Now

    By Zoe Woodroffe |September 12, 2018|English

    Gen Re reinsures significant volumes of Income Protection (IP) business, on both an individual and a group basis in markets around the world. We are passionate about the value IP brings to consumers. It’s a market we are working to grow because...

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  • Why Time Is Running Out for Pay As You Go-Based Pension Systems

    By Dr. Winfried Heinen|August 21, 2018|English | Deutsch

    None of us is getting any younger, just ask an actuary - or an economist, if it comes to that. Mortality is going down in almost all countries, and life expectancy is going up. At the same time, generally, fertility rates are falling. The sum effect...

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  • Current State of Group Medical EOI Applications

    By Joe Iannetti |July 31, 2018|English

    This past May, Gen Re released the results of our Group Medical Evidence of Insurability Underwriting Survey. The survey covered Group Life, LTD and STD products with a focus on how companies staff and process their Evidence of Insurability (EOI) applications....

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  • Sugar and Fat – and Diet Research

    By Jean-Marc Fix |July 12, 2018|English

    While we know that sugar is a key element of the obesity equation, it’s difficult to design a perfect diet because biochemical pathways and their communication with the brain do not necessarily translate to the combination of motivation and weight...

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