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  • Is Automation Going to Put an End to the Underwriting Profession?

    By John Najarian|December 13, 2015|English

    Recently, the jobs website completed a study and published a list of the “10 Most Endangered Jobs of 2015." Right there at position #9 is the good ol’ insurance underwriter, with streamlined processes cited as the main...

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  • Will Annuities Become Standard Compensation for Severe Bodily Injury in Italy?

    By Stefano Colombo |November 25, 2015|English

    On 27 January 2015 the Court of Milan decided for the first time to award a substantial amount of compensation for a medical malpractice claim as an annuity. The ruling raised a lot of interest among insurers and lawyers because until then the standard...

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  • Making Sense of Irrational Buying Behavior

    By Marcy Updike|November 02, 2015|English

    Have you ever started a diet only to cave the first time you are offered a slice of chocolate cake? Be honest…we all do it. I will admit to starting and ending a diet in the same week. Why does this happen? Yes, willpower is a problem, but is...

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  • Reinsurance Recoverables – Are They Ignored Assets?

    By Joaquin Orejas |September 15, 2015|English

    Reinsurance recoverables can be one of the largest assets on any insurance company's balance sheet and, like the bonds in which insurance companies typically invest, they are subject to credit risk. On the one hand, investment departments of insurance...

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  • Baby Boomers - Ready, Set, Retirement? [Infographic]

    By Jay Curran|September 14, 2015|English

    As baby boomers in the U.S. close in on their golden years, they’re looking for help from advisors and experts to manage their changing financial and medical needs. As we’ve discussed in earlier posts, this generation is living longer than...

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  • Boomers: Can They Afford the Golden Years?

    By Jay Curran|August 23, 2015|English

    In Part I of this series, we explored the boomers’ mindset as consumers. In this segment we will examine who they are as employees and their use of technology, plus take a look at the financial picture for those entering their Golden Years. You...

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