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  • A Ferry and Bulk Carrier Collision - Four Points of View

    By Beth Breton|April 10, 2019|English

    I recently returned from the American Bar Association’s Admiralty and Maritime Law Committee meeting in New Orleans (March 22-23) where our panel discussion examined the various issues and tasks that should happen following a serious collision...

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  • Inside IUMI 2016 - Charting a Course to Counter Industry Pressures

    By Roy Hornbeck |September 29, 2016|English

    Last week, over 500 of the world’s leading Marine underwriters gathered for the 142nd conference of the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) in Genoa - a fitting location given the Italian harbour city’s illustrious history in...

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  • Port Automation - Does It Harbor Challenges for Insurers? [Presentation]

    By Sydonie Williams|September 18, 2016|English

    With the global economy still unpredictable, industries across the world are striving to protect their profit margins. This is certainly the case for cargo carriers where fluctuating trade volumes and low freight rates continue to fuel the drive for...

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  • Stock Throughput - More Than a Cargo Policy

    By Stefan Seliger |May 26, 2016|English | Français | Español

    Stock Throughput (STP) policies have been around for decades; however, during my recent trips to Latin America more questions on their coverage have been arising. In this blog, I discuss some of the issues to consider when underwriting STP products,...

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  • Stacking of Drilling Rigs – Considerations for Underwriters

    By Beth Breton|March 22, 2016|English

    Today’s low oil prices are having a significant impact on various aspects of that industry’s business. I recently attended the Lillehammer Energy Claims Conference and learned a bit more about the stacking of jack-up rigs,1 a practice that...

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  • The Tianjin Port Explosion

    By Tom Qiu|September 07, 2015|English | Français

    On 25 August 2015, upon an invitation from local Chinese clients, the Gen Re China team visited the site of the recent Tianjin Port explosion. A field inspection of the affected area was conducted within the 1km to 3km radius. Access within the 1km...

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