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Nine Questions Mutual Company Directors Should Ask When Assessing Their ERM Culture

Every year our Mutual Practice team looks forward to the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) Annual Convention. With nearly 2,000 attendees, it is a great opportunity to experience the rich tradition of the mutual insurance industry, enjoy a diverse a range of talented keynote speakers and listen to a multitude of stimulating panel discussions.

  • Series: Casualty Matters
    Casualty Matters China – 2014年2月

    Issue: Feb 06, 2014| P/C General Industry | Chinese


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  • Series: Casualty Matters
    Casualty Matters China - 2013年11月

    Issue: Nov 17, 2013| P/C General Industry | Chinese


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  • Series: Casualty Matters
    Casualty Matters International - July 2013

    Issue: Jul 01, 2013| General Liability | English |

    The primary goal of Quality Assurance Agreements (QAA) between customers and suppliers - this generally applies to all technical industries - is to avoid defects. Where defects occur in the supply chain, they need to be detected as early as possible so...

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  • Series: Casualty Matters
    Casualty Matters International - December 2012

    Issue: Dec 03, 2012| General Liability | English |

    The term "nanotechnologies" embraces numerous principles from various fields of knowledge. The article gives an overview on the range of applications as well as on already existing and projected laws and regulations before looking into the implications...

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