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  • Series: Risk Insights
    Assurance en ligne en Chine

    Issue: Feb 05, 2018| L/H General Industry, P/C General Industry | Français

    Internet a contribué à faire émerger de nouveaux écosystèmes conçus pour fournir un accès pratique aux magasins et aux informations et qui révolutionnent chaque aspect de notre quotidien. L’article compare trois différents models utilisés par les assureurs...

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  • Series: Risk Insights
    Avoiding Hidden Risks in Product Innovation

    Issue: Jan 16, 2018| Disability | English

    New ideas for innovative protection products can be launched very simply by extending the scope of an existing product. This article explores how unintended consequences emerged from product extension in the Taiwan market.

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  • Series: Risk Insights

    Issue: Jan 16, 2018| L/H General Industry | Chinese


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  • Series: Risk Insights
    Classification Model Performance

    Issue: Jan 09, 2018| L/H General Industry | English

    Insurers are increasingly developing prediction models to use in their insurance processes. Often these models are using traditional techniques, but more and more we see machine learning techniques being applied.

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