Our Underwriting Review

Our Underwriting Review

You may have had many reinsurers at your office for underwriting audits and varying degrees of satisfaction with the results. Gen Re underwriting reviews are different. You won’t be left with only summary comments about your operations or a negative evaluation based on a single file.

You get a full view of your underwriting decisions and processes, as well as actionable recommendations for addressing leakage, exposure and procedures.

  • Consistent Evaluations - Our review team members use the same questions and measurements for all your risks and procedures.
  • Comprehensive Account Analysis - We evaluate underwriting actions ranging from information gathering to pricing, monitors and controls to the ultimate underwriting decision and how these processes align with your strategy.
  • Balanced Picture - All of your files and processes are compiled and reflected in our overall findings for a balanced picture.

You receive our initial findings before we leave your office. We follow up with a written report containing all of our analysis and detailed findings. You are able to see if any accounts do not fit your risk guidelines or hazard classes, if specific rating errors led to lost premium, and if a new procedure could help improve underwriting decisions.

We provide the view - you decide how to use the information to make your business more successful. Download our brochure or contact us to learn more.