We work with Disability insurers to develop the right risk transfer program that best supports a profitable business and sustainable results. Through traditional excess or quota share arrangements, we can customize a program to meet specific risk management needs for:

  • Non-Cancelable
  • Guarantee Issue
  • Disability Income Riders

Reinsurance clients benefit from our traditional, multi-life and guaranteed standard issue underwriting expertise, allowing you to place and issue as much quality business as possible while protecting you from undue risk. Support is given on day-to-day account activities as well as strategic consultation, risk management and claim services, market research and other resources that meet your company’s unique requirements.

LTD Conversion

Group insurers have complex administrative challenges with LTD Conversion. Our Employee Benefit Administration Service Center provides services:

  • Risk Capacity / Reinsurance
  • Policy Administration
  • Billing and Collection
  • Data Management and Reporting
  • Claim Management
  • Product Design

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