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Gaining Insights Through Data and Analytics Collaboration

Accelerated learning from data driven insights is transforming the way the insurance industry does business. Find out how we're helping small to medium-sized insurers in the PC sector leverage the intelligence and resources they need to grow and prosper.

  • Is the Sunshine State Becoming the Wildfire State?

    By Rick Hartmann III | Mar 12, 2017 | English

    4,600. No, that is not the number of arrests during spring break in Fort Lauderdale. That is the number of wildfires Florida will now average in a given year resulting in nearly 110,000 acres of burned land.1 For many, Florida is known for its warm, sunny...

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  • Ongoing Drought Conditions Increase Wildfire Risk In The Southeast

    By Chris Beston | Nov 16, 2016 | English

    When we think of wildfires in the U.S., we typically associate them with the western states during the hot and dry summer months. But the reality is that wildfires happen all across our country and they are not limited to a specific time period. The Southeast...

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  • U.S. Wildfire Risk Continues to Rise

    By Martha Flanagan | Oct 03, 2016 | English

    Wildfire risk in North America is on the rise, primarily driven by a combination of warmer, drier conditions and the significant human expansion along the wildland-urban interface. Record high temperatures and drought over the past decade throughout many...

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  • Wildfire Outlook - What’s Ahead in 2016

    By Chris Beston | May 02, 2016 | English

    Wildfire season seems to come earlier and earlier each year in the U.S. Wildfire season today in the U.S. is on average 78 days longer than it was in the 1970s.1 As we look ahead to 2016, the industry is paying close attention. We are coming off a record...

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