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Nine Questions Mutual Company Directors Should Ask When Assessing Their ERM Culture

Every year our Mutual Practice team looks forward to the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) Annual Convention. With nearly 2,000 attendees, it is a great opportunity to experience the rich tradition of the mutual insurance industry, enjoy a diverse a range of talented keynote speakers and listen to a multitude of stimulating panel discussions.

  • Treating Ageing to Extend a Healthy Lifespan

    By Beata Bronikowska | Dec 20, 2017 | English

    Life expectancy has increased remarkably in the last few decades. The number of people living to or even beyond age 100 is expected to increase. This puts ageing at centre stage alongside healthy life expectancy – meaning the years an ageing person can...

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  • Insurance Business Results Through Analytics

    By Upendra Belhe | Oct 17, 2017 | English

    As insurers implement data analytics to varying degrees, the next stage is already being set. For many it’s doing even more with external data, building even sharper and better pricing models, or looking for the opportunities to implement predictive modelling...

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  • Series: Surveys
    Medicare Supplement - Results of 2016/2017 U.S. Market Survey

    Issue: Sep 07, 2017| Medicare Supplement | English

    Summary of Medicare Supplement industry survey on results and market trends. Examined sales and in-force numbers, claim and underwriting trends, rate increase activity and distribution channels. Full survey available only to participants.

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  • It’s Time to Future-Proof Your Data, Systems and Culture

    By Karin Neelsen | Sep 05, 2017 | English

    The long-term prospects of most Life and Health insurers are going to be determined by their ability to transition from a product-based approach to a customer-centric value proposition. But, if they’re going to make that leap, insurers will have to know...

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