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    Life/Health International(4)

  • Trends in Life Insurance - How Can the Industry Stay Fit for the Future?

    By Peter Temple | Jan 09, 2017 | English

    Life insurers are facing a new world in which the nature of uncertainty itself is changing. The future is collapsing into the present faster than past data can be used to extrapolate the future. However, we shouldn’t be fearful. InsurTech (insurance technology)...

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  • How You Sleep Matters to Insurers

    By Ross Campbell | Jan 05, 2017 | English

    Sleep allows the body and the brain vital repair and recovery time, giving hormones the opportunity to replenish. Both inadequate and excessive sleep have been associated with early death.1 We are getting a better understanding of the health consequences...

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  • The Future of Insurance - Why Life Insurers Must Adapt

    By Ross Campbell | Oct 13, 2016 | English

    The insurance industry is not the only business to struggle with understanding its data. But the sheer volume of information hitting insurers’ desktops on a daily basis means it cannot ignore the importance of acting now to embrace the latest technology...

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  • Can Apps Set the Mood for Managing Mental Health?

    By Ross Campbell | Jul 25, 2016 | English

    Improved awareness and recognition of mental health problems and their complexity puts pressure on health systems to increase care. In turn this stimulates exploration of the potential value of software applications (apps) run on mobile devices. The ubiquity...

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