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  • Advances in Cancer Research and Insurance

    By Ross Campbell | Feb 02, 2017 | English

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was created more than 50 years ago to foster global collaboration on cancer control. Today more effective therapies mean mortality rates no longer reflect incidence rates; there are now more cancer...

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  • Keeping Workers Safe From Cancer - Will EU Proposals Cut Cancer Rates?

    By Dr. Chris Ball | Jan 25, 2017 | English

    Cancer arising from workplace exposure has a long history. The earliest recognised form of occupational cancer in the world is Chimney sweep’s carcinoma, cancer of the skin of the scrotum, first described in England in 1775. In many workplaces people...

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  • Series: Risk Insights
    South Africa – A Fertile Ground for Product Innovations

    Issue: Jan 24, 2017| L/H General Industry | English

    Our Research & Development activity involves developing new products and analysing trends. South African life insurers are often at the leading edge in product innovation. By spending time working in Cape Town the author aimed to find out why.

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  • Engineered Wood – A Burning Issue for Insurers?

    By Leo Ronken | Jan 16, 2017 | English

    Wood-based buildings and high-rises are increasingly common around the world. People are even talking about engineered wood becoming the world’s predominant construction material. But insurers need to be aware of the potential downside risks that accompany...

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