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    Property/Casualty International(1)

Gaining Insights Through Data and Analytics Collaboration

Accelerated learning from data driven insights is transforming the way the insurance industry does business. Find out how we're helping small to medium-sized insurers in the PC sector leverage the intelligence and resources they need to grow and prosper.

  • A Fragile Infrastructure: The Oroville Dam

    By Martha Flanagan | Feb 15, 2017 | English

    Tim Pappas, co-leader of our Flood team, recently blogged about this exact issue, providing valuable information for underwriters. In light of current events in Northern California, it's worth rereading now. The nation's tallest dam, the Oroville Dam...

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  • Engineered Wood – A Burning Issue for Insurers?

    By Leo Ronken | Jan 16, 2017 | English

    Wood-based buildings and high-rises are increasingly common around the world. People are even talking about engineered wood becoming the world’s predominant construction material. But insurers need to be aware of the potential downside risks that accompany...

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  • Series: Property Matters
    Engineered Wood – The New Concrete on the Block?

    Issue: Dec 06, 2016| Property | English | View in Deutsch

    Thanks to advances in wood-engineered products, tall timber buildings can have the same structural integrity as steel and concrete buildings. The article discussion includes the fire risk posed by this “new” construction material.

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  • Stacking of Drilling Rigs – Considerations for Underwriters

    By Beth Breton | Mar 22, 2016 | English

    Today’s low oil prices are having a significant impact on various aspects of that industry’s business. I recently attended the Lillehammer Energy Claims Conference and learned a bit more about the stacking of jack-up rigs,1 a practice that has a direct...

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