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Nine Questions Mutual Company Directors Should Ask When Assessing Their ERM Culture

Every year our Mutual Practice team looks forward to the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) Annual Convention. With nearly 2,000 attendees, it is a great opportunity to experience the rich tradition of the mutual insurance industry, enjoy a diverse a range of talented keynote speakers and listen to a multitude of stimulating panel discussions.

  • Series: Risk Insights
    Housing Capital, Care and Longevity – The Dutch Case

    Issue: Mar 29, 2018| Long Term Care | English

    This article addresses the question of how idle capital that is locked up in residential property, and owned by pensioners, can be freed up in the Netherlands – by transferring money to the heirs or by shoring up pension incomes and plugging repayment...

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  • Treating Ageing to Extend a Healthy Lifespan

    By Beata Puls | Dec 20, 2017 | English

    Life expectancy has increased remarkably in the last few decades. The number of people living to or even beyond age 100 is expected to increase. This puts ageing at centre stage alongside healthy life expectancy – meaning the years an ageing person can...

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  • Living to 100 - Implications for Insurers

    By Joan Coverson | Apr 11, 2017 | English

    The number of centenarians, people who've reached their hundredth birthday, has been increasing. The UK had more than 14,000 centenarians in 2015 compared to less than 8,000 in 2002.1 In 50 years, the figure is projected to exceed 400,000. The U.S. currently...

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  • How Biological Age Could Help Insurers Improve Customer Relationships

    By Francisco Garcia | Jul 07, 2016 | English

    Ageing is an innate and often emotional process. We generally sense our own ageing in a visceral, illogical way; for example, we could feel rejuvenated by a healthy diet or regular exercise. In fact how we feel could reflect our biological age, which...

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