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Gaining Insights Through Data and Analytics Collaboration

Accelerated learning from data driven insights is transforming the way the insurance industry does business. Find out how we're helping small to medium-sized insurers in the PC sector leverage the intelligence and resources they need to grow and prosper.

  • Revision of the Road Traffic Act (Almost) Paves the Way for Automated Driving in Germany

    By Mathias Schubert | Jun 13, 2017 | English | Deutsch

    On 12 May the Upper House of the German Federal Parliament (Bundesrat) approved amendments to the Road Traffic Act (RTA) setting legal requirements for automated driving beyond “partial automation” in Germany. The revised Act, which passed the Lower House...

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  • The Drive Towards Fully Automated Vehicles Continues

    By Charlie Kingdollar | Sep 20, 2016 | English

    When a Tesla vehicle with its Autopilot system engaged was involved in a fatal accident in Florida on May 7, it was the first one involving a partially automated Level 2 driving system. Since then, this accident has been the subject of scores of articles,...

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  • The Future of Auto [Video]

    By Charlie Kingdollar | Aug 23, 2016 | English

    The future of auto is perhaps the biggest emerging issue facing the property/casualty industry today. Auto premium currently represents 50% of all property/casualty insurance premiums, but rapid technological advances in the industry may significantly...

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  • Fatal Crash Raises Questions About Automated Vehicles

    By Mathias Schubert | Aug 01, 2016 | English

    Recent news of the first fatal accident involving a car in automated driving mode was followed by numerous articles, blogs and discussions on forums online. Most of them focused on the viability of automated driving functionality, bringing about a worthwhile...

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