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The Time Has Never Been Better To Add Critical Illness Insurance to Your Portfolio [Video]

July 13, 2014| By Steve Rowley | Critical Illness | English

Region: North America

The Origin and Growth of CI

Everyone in insurance knows stories of the widow who would have nothing without the proceeds of her late husband's life insurance policy, the carpenter who is unable to work and would be destitute without his disability payments, or the grandmother who would be forced to enter a nursing home if not for her home health care coverage. These stories are important. These serve as reminders to us that our jobs really do make a difference in the lives of others.

Critical Illness Insurance has stories too - stories about how this product has made a difference in the lives that it has touched. The very genesis of Critical Illness Insurance is its own story - it begins in the 1960s with a doctor who saw that science and medicine were keeping people alive - only to have them become financially devastated as a result of surviving their illnesses. It’s interesting that this product was not created by an actuary in a home office, or a marketing representative in the field, or by the think tank of a large corporation. Rather, Critical Illness Insurance was created by a physician who saw it as an essential component of treating the critically ill.

Gen Re has been reinsuring Critical Illness since its inception and can help you get into the market. Watch my video to learn about the story of CII, and why it’s important to your portfolio offerings.


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