EPLI Policyholder Training Services - A Benefit for Insurers, Too

May 30, 2013| By Mindy Pollack | EPLI | English

Region: U.S.

Gen Re's  turnkey EPLI product adopted by many insurers includes on-line training on key employment topics. We have observed that over 1,000 businesses buying EPLI coverage from our clients have taken one or more of the training courses - without having to leave the office and at no cost. That reduces their expense, workplace disruptions and employee lawsuits.

When reviewing the training statistics, I noticed something equally gratifying: our clients'  insurance company personnel are also taking the classes. Underwriters supporting their EPLI product are represented, but so are many non-underwriting professionals from our client insurance companies, including many from Human Resource departments.

Insurance company HR personnel may already use outside vendors for training managers, supervisors and their own staff, often at a cost of up to $50 per employee per session. However, by taking advantage of our EPLI Loss Prevention website, they are providing that valuable employee training at no cost. 

Small wonder that HR personnel are leveraging the EPLI training resource.

Our statistics show these courses as the most popular:

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Preventing Discrimination
  • Preventing Wrongful Termination and Retaliation

If you offer risk management services with an EPLI insurance product, can your own company use the services as well? Have you shared the website and training menu with your HR staff?

You might find that the resource is as valuable for your own company as it is for your EPLI policyholders. We encourage our EPLI clients to take advantage of this great benefit. It's just part of our product.


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