Sue Stein

Property/Casualty Claims Executive, Stamford

Sue Stein is a Claims Executive and Vice President in Gen Re’s Claim department in Stamford. She works with a variety of property clients on Cat plans, Cat claims, expert referrals, coverage issues and litigation matters.

  • Finding the Right Property Insurance Claim Experts - A Key to Your Success

    By Sue Stein |Sep 11, 2016|English

    People that work in the Property Claims field are adept at sorting through the chaos which is part of any loss, and at making order out of it. We take the necessary steps to determine the claim strategy, with one of those steps being to identify the expertise...

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  • Cracks Starting To Appear in Causation Clauses

    By Sue Stein |Apr 08, 2014|English

    Causation continues to be a source of disputes between policyholders and carriers across the spectrum of first-party property claims. From wind and water claims to collapse and time element claims, causation is the starting point for any coverage determination...

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  • How To Design A Windproof Catastrophe Plan

    By Sue Stein |Jul 29, 2013|English

    The 2013 hurricane season is underway and all forecasters are pointing to more activity this year than normal. Last year was bad enough, with insurers paying out an estimated $35 billion on catastrophe losses, excluding flood and ocean marine claims....

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  • Raising the Bar on Cat Planning and Management

    Issue: Jun 02, 2013|English

    For those who specialize in property claims, there can never be enough planning and preparation for a natural catastrophe. This updated article discusses recent increased Cat losses, and how to plan and manage for a catastrophe: anticipate it -- prepare...

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