Ross Campbell

Life/Health Chief Underwriter, Research & Development, London

Ross Campbell is Chief Underwriter, Research & Development based in Gen Re’s London office. He is a Chartered Insurer and Medical Underwriting Diploma holder. Ross joined Gen Re in 1995 and has 30 years of experience in reinsurance, life underwriting and risk management.

  • Do Health Apps Threaten the Privacy of Sensitive Data?

    By Ross Campbell |Mar 20, 2017|English

    The growing use of smartphone apps and wearable devices to generate personal health and lifestyle data poses a dilemma for privacy. While individuals have much to gain using apps to help them manage ongoing health concerns, including better understanding...

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  • Exercise and Mortality - How Many Steps Translate Into Longer Life?

    By Ross Campbell |Mar 06, 2017|English

    Fitness trackers can be a convenient way to monitor the number of steps taken every day. Some insurers have even started using them as a proxy for good health, selling life cover to people who are already fit and who track their steps. They may even reward...

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  • Advances in Cancer Research and Insurance

    By Ross Campbell |Feb 02, 2017|English

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was created more than 50 years ago to foster global collaboration on cancer control. Today more effective therapies mean mortality rates no longer reflect incidence rates; there are now more cancer...

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  • How You Sleep Matters to Insurers

    By Ross Campbell |Jan 05, 2017|English

    Sleep allows the body and the brain vital repair and recovery time, giving hormones the opportunity to replenish. Both inadequate and excessive sleep have been associated with early death.1 We are getting a better understanding of the health consequences...

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