Ross Campbell

Life/Health Chief Underwriter, Research & Development, London

Ross Campbell is Chief Underwriter, Research & Development based in Gen Re’s London office. He is a Chartered Insurer and Medical Underwriting Diploma holder. Ross joined Gen Re in 1995 and has 30 years of experience in reinsurance, life underwriting and risk management.

  • How You Sleep Matters to Insurers

    By Ross Campbell |Jan 05, 2017|English

    Sleep allows the body and the brain vital repair and recovery time, giving hormones the opportunity to replenish. Both inadequate and excessive sleep have been associated with early death. We are getting a better understanding of the health consequences...

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  • Tis the Season To Be (Not Too) Merry - Safe Levels of Alcohol

    By Ross Campbell |Dec 01, 2016|English

    We often link alcohol abuse with liver damage but it’s also associated with cancers and diseases of the cardiovascular, neurological and gastrointestinal systems.1 While past research pointed to the beneficial effects of light-moderate, non-binge consumption,...

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  • Cómo ayuda la tecnología en la valoración de siniestros de salud mental

    Issue: Nov 16, 2016|Español

    Los problemas de salud mental tienen un gran impacto en los seguros de vida y salud. El mayor grado de concienciación hace que se ofrezcan unos cuidados cada vez mayores, a la vez que se explora el beneficio de las apps en los dispositivos móviles.

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  • Claims Focus 2016, No. 1

    Issue: Nov 03, 2016|Français

    Quel est l’impact de la pollution de l’air sur les maladies respiratoires ? Y a-t-il une conciliation possible pour l’indemnisation de sinistres pas « dans les clous » ? Nouvelles technologies et suivi de la santé mentale : une piste pour la gestion des...

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