Mary Enslin

Life/Health Claims Specialist, Cologne

Mary Enslin joined Gen Re in 2013 as a Claims Specialist in our South African branch. She relocated to Gen Re Life/Health Client Services, Cologne, to take up a position in the International Claims Management team in August 2016. She has a special interest in the impact of mental health and disability on work.

  • Assessing Terminal Illness Claims – How Inaccurate Survival Estimates Present a Challenge

    By Mary Enslin |Jun 27, 2017|English

    Advances in medicine and public health improvements have dramatically altered not only how people live but also how they die, leading to increases in life expectancy in most parts of the world. We can predict a dramatic rise in the numbers of people living...

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  • Claims Focus 2016, No. 2

    Issue: May 17, 2017|Français

    Newsletter de la Business School centrée sur les affections cancéreuses et leurs implications dans les produits d'assurance.

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  • Claims Focus 2016, No. 2

    Issue: Jan 12, 2017|English

    Cancer Diagnostics 2.0 – Implications for Insurers / Cancer – Diagnostics, Severity Criteria, Treatment and Functional Impairments / Carpe Diem – Insuring Terminal Illness / Claims Management of Fatigue Through the Looking Glass

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  • Claims Focus 2015, No. 2

    Issue: Dec 28, 2015|English

    Eye Spy / Three Blind Mice No More / Contusion of the Eyeball / Case Study – A Pilot with Visual Impairment: “Inability to Fly in the Blink of an Eye” / Case Study – Visual Impairment Due to Bilateral Retinal Detachment

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