Marissa Valente

Life/Health Market Research Analyst, Portland

Marissa Valente provides project management and analytical support for several industry studies for Gen Re's North American Life/Health division. In addition, Marissa assists the research team with consortium and proprietary research projects. She holds a Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) and has received training in Behavioral Economics research through the University of Toronto and the Yale School of Management.

  • Risk Insights - Vol. 19, No. 2

    Issue: Dec 30, 2015|Chinese

    吸引千禧一代 – 脑子活一点,不用太费心 / 上保险?Y世代问“为什么?” / 寿险需求 – 英国千禧一代调查

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  • Risk Matters Korea – September 2015

    Issue: Sep 28, 2015|Korean

    2015년 세번째 Risk Matters Korea에서는 보험시장의 중요한 잠재 고객인 밀레니얼 세대 (Y세대)의 특징과 밀레니얼 세대를 실 소비자로 유입시키기 위해서 보험 업계가 나아가야 할 방향에 대해 고찰해 보았습니다.

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  • Risk Insights - Vol. 19, No. 2

    Issue: Aug 17, 2015|Français

    Attirer la génération du Millénaire – Être subtil sans en faire trop / S’assurer ? La génération Y s’interroge / L’appétit pour l’assurance-vie – Une enquête sur les Britanniques de la génération du Millénaire

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  • Appealing to Millennials – Think Smart, Not Hard

    Issue: Jun 22, 2015|English

    The question is how the industry can become better at helping young people who want to buy insurance products that suit their needs.

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