Marc Dahling

P/C Treaty Line of Business Underwriter, Stamford

Marc Dahling is a Property Underwriter and Vice President in Gen Re's Treaty Department in Stamford.

  • What’s Really Happening With Hail Claims?

    By Marc Dahling |Jun 25, 2015|English

    There’s a sense among insurers that hail storms have become more frequent and increasingly severe in the U.S., driving up property claims. But is that really true? And if it isn’t, where has that perception come from? We decided it would be worth digging...

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  • Investigating Increase in Hail Claims

    Issue: May 27, 2015|English

    Perception exists in the insurance marketplace that an increasing amount of U.S. property claims are related to more hail events. We explored the validity of this perception and its nature. Here we share our observations.

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  • Mitigating Wildfire Risk in the U.S.

    By Marc Dahling |Apr 25, 2013|English

    A recent report by the Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) Coalition offered lessons to be learned from the Summer 2012 Waldo Canyon (Colorado Springs) fire. The worst fire in Colorado history, the Waldo Canyon fire offered an opportunity for insurers, fire...

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  • The ISO 2012 Property Coverage Revision

    Issue: Jun 29, 2012|English

    A review of ISO's Commercial Property Coverage revision and AAIS's Personal Umbrella Program update. Also Bureau editions and how to keep up with them, UIM and named driver waivers developments, umbrella policy language and MSO's cyberbullying exclusion.

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