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Louis Rossouw

Life/Health Head of Research & Analytics, Cape Town

As Head of Research and Analytics Louis Rossouw is based in Gen Re's Cape Town office and supports South Africa and the UK. He has previously worked on individual pricing and product development, group pricing and reserving. Louis joined Gen Re in 2001 and spent two years in Gen Re’s Singapore branch as Regional Chief Actuary.

  • Rendimiento de los Modelos de Clasificación

    Issue: Mar 12, 2018|Español

    Cada vez son más las aseguradoras que desarrollan modelos de predicción para valorar riesgos, solicitudes e incluso siniestros. Este artículo analiza uno de estos modelos sencillos y su potencial para ahorrar tiempo y dinero en la suscripción.

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  • Efficacité des modèles de classification

    Issue: Mar 12, 2018|Français

    Les assureurs sont de plus en plus nombreux à développer des modèles de prédiction pour évaluer les dossiers de souscription, les demandes d’assurance ou même les demandes de dédommagement.

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  • Classification Model Performance

    Issue: Jan 09, 2018|English

    Insurers are increasingly developing prediction models to use in their insurance processes. Often these models are using traditional techniques, but more and more we see machine learning techniques being applied.

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  • 颠覆性创新–与寿险业近在咫尺

    Issue: Apr 01, 2017|Chinese


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