Dr. Ian Cox

Life/Health Consultant Chief Medical Officer, London

Dr. Ian Cox is Consultant Chief Medical Officer within the Research & Development department of Gen Re. Based in our London office, he has been part of the Gen Re team since 2001.

  • Risk Matters Japan - March 2016

    Issue: Mar 30, 2016|Japanese


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  • Risk Insights - Vol. 19, No. 1

    Issue: Sep 03, 2015|Chinese

    不可轻视 – 来自传染病的威胁 / 甲状腺癌与重大疾病保险 – 随谈 / 找到老年护理资金的解决办法

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  • 风险聚焦 – 2015年第3期 (Risk Matters China – 2015, No. 3)

    Issue: Jul 23, 2015|Chinese


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  • Risk Matters Korea – June 2015

    Issue: Jun 30, 2015|Korean

    2015년 두번째 Risk Matters Korea 의 주제는 갑상선암과 치명질병보험 (CI보험) 입니다. 세계의 갑상선암 발생률 변화와 특히 한국의 사례를 통하여 갑상선암의 발생률 증가가 중대한 암 정의에 미치는 영향에 대해 고찰해 보았습니다.

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