Bernhard Wolters

Life/Health Senior Account Executive, Cologne

Bernhard Wolters is a Senior Account Executive and Vice President in Gen Re’s Life/Health division and, for many years, has been responsible for the Dutch and Scandinavian markets.

  • Can Big Data Spell the End of Uncertainty?

    By Bernhard Wolters |Jul 17, 2017|English

    Big data applications are increasingly shaping our everyday lives, making trends more transparent and patterns more predictable. Like insurance, science, notably medicine, is equally subject to the novel possibilities and demands resulting from big data....

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  • Managing Risk of Change – Coping With Uncertainty

    By Bernhard Wolters |Jan 28, 2016|English

    We all know that successful underwriting depends on close monitoring of risk factors. Pricing models will quickly lose touch with reality if they don't reflect changes in those risk factors. The very uncertainty about change and what it means for monitoring...

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  • The Overcapitalisation Argument Revisited

    By Bernhard Wolters |Sep 18, 2013|English

    One of the main issues that concerns insurers and reinsurers over impending Solvency II regulation is the high level of capitalisation demanded. The banking lobby has been saying the same about Basel III. Both sides claim the rules will make financial...

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  • Reinsurers - The Rational Outsiders

    By Bernhard Wolters |May 22, 2013|English

    In an ideal world of risk theory, randomness can be both tamed and transformed into near certainty by exploiting the fact that fluctuation around the mean diminishes as the number of (independent) risks increases. It is the old “coin toss” model that...

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