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Our Perspective

  • Sugar and Fat – and Diet Research

    By Jean-Marc Fix |July 12, 2018|English

    While we know that sugar is a key element of the obesity equation, it’s difficult to design a perfect diet because biochemical pathways and their communication with the brain do not necessarily translate to the combination of motivation and weight...

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  • The Rise in Sugar Consumption in the U.S. – and the Obesity Equation

    By Jean-Marc Fix |June 05, 2018|English

    For years, sweets were marketed as innocuous treats for kids whose only drawback was cavities if you did not brush your teeth properly. A more nefarious role was alluded to much earlier: in the early 1900s, a British physician stationed in India, Sir...

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  • Stroke Reduction Advice – Take It Without a Pinch of Salt

    By Ross Campbell |August 04, 2015|English

    Dietary risk comes primarily from processed foods that contain high levels of sugar, saturated fat and salt. People are aware of messages to lower saturated fat intake. Much has been said to highlight the contributory role that excess sugar consumption...

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  • Do Genes and Microbes Drive Obesity?

    By Ross Campbell |July 16, 2015|English

    The increasingly obesogenic environment has amplified the underlying tendency for people to gain and retain excess weight. We can point to plentiful food, sedentary work and low levels of exercise as reasons we are all becoming heavier. It is easy to...

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  • Why Surgery Isn’t Always a Silver Bullet for Obesity

    By Dr. Ian Cox|June 21, 2015|English

    Obesity is both preventable and reversible. But for those whose weight has spiralled out of control into severe obesity, controlling it and losing it through diet and exercise alone often proves ineffective. A growing number of people are being judged...

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  • Obesity in Asia: Putting the Problem in Perspective

    By Wan Siang Cheong|May 14, 2015|English

    Our Outlook on Obesity blog series explores different risk aspects of a growing, global concern for insurers. Although some of the lowest prevalence rates of obesity are found in Asia-Pacific countries, economic and social factors leave the region as...

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