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Our Perspective

  • CI Producer Perspectives: Why Do You Sell Critical Illness Insurance? [Video]

    By Steve Rowley |February 10, 2015|English

    Critical Illness insurance has grown in popularity since it was first introduced by Dr. Marius Barnard in 1983. Here in the United States, sales topped $332 million in 2013. Despite this, many Americans have never been approached by an agent or advisor...

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  • Thyroid Cancer - Critical Threat?

    By Ross Campbell |February 03, 2015|English

    Being told of the first sign of a cancer with deadly potential, but which early treatment may cure, is a medical reassurance anyone would be relieved to receive. The benefit of detection is less clear when the detected “cancer” is most likely...

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  • Critical Illness Producer Perspectives

    By Steve Rowley |January 20, 2015|English

    As insurers, we can think of many groups as our “customers.” These range from the individuals we insure to the shareholders whose investments we’re charged with protecting. Somewhere in the middle of the group of customers is the agent...

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  • CI Co-Marketing Series

    By Steve Rowley |December 14, 2014|English

    While interviewing agents for our upcoming “Critical Illness Producer Perspectives” series, one theme continued to emerge. Regardless of whether we were discussing individual, worksite, or group coverage, producers found that the message...

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  • Critical Illness as a Supplement to Hospital Indemnity

    By Steve Rowley |December 10, 2014|English

    Hospital stays are expensive and getting more costly each year. Deductibles, co-pays, non-covered expenses and out-of-network treatment can be unmanageable. For many people in the U.S., "out-of-pocket" translates to "out-of-money."...

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  • Critical Illness 101 Series

    By Steve Rowley |December 03, 2014|English

    We have all heard the saying that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This is as true for insurance as it is for anything else. Whether one is developing a first Critical Illness insurance product, selling to the consumer, underwriting...

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