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  • When Rounding Out an Account, Carry an Umbrella

    By Maria Slowinski |February 09, 2017|English

    Today, February 10, is National Umbrella Day. Are your customers covered? Successful business owners do not intentionally get inadequate insurance for their properties. But in today’s litigious climate, even the most savvy business owners often...

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  • Alarm Bells Down Under - Defective Imported Building Products

    By Nicholas Murphy |February 07, 2017|English

    The increasing prevalence of leaky, toxic and downright dangerous buildings has put defective building products in the spotlight in Australia and New Zealand recently. Below-standard plasterboard, inflammable exterior cladding material, and problems...

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  • Advances in Cancer Research and Insurance

    By Ross Campbell |February 02, 2017|English

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was created more than 50 years ago to foster global collaboration on cancer control. Today more effective therapies mean mortality rates no longer reflect incidence rates; there are now more cancer...

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  • 10 Years of De-Tariffication in India

    By Ayush Jain |February 01, 2017|English

    January 2017 marked 10 years of de-tariffication of non-life insurance in India. This decade has allowed insurers to price insurance policies (with the exception of motor third party) based on their own analyses and perceptions of risk. When the sector...

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  • Keeping Workers Safe From Cancer - Will EU Proposals Cut Cancer Rates?

    By Dr. Chris Ball |January 25, 2017|English

    Cancer arising from workplace exposure has a long history. The earliest recognised form of occupational cancer in the world is Chimney sweep’s carcinoma, cancer of the skin of the scrotum, first described in England in 1775. In many workplaces...

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  • Texas Flooding

    By Tedra Skelton and Maeve Sears |January 19, 2017|English

    “Texas is the land of perennial drought, broken by the occasional devastating flood” said a National Weather Service Meteorologist in 1927.1 Texas flooding is not a new phenomenon, but some could argue that devastating floods aren’t...

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