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Our Perspective

  • Boomers: Golden Years, Golden Opportunity

    By Jay Curran|July 21, 2015|English

    Almost every day we hear more information on the significance of any given segment of our population. Blogs, news articles and new research are all coming out fast and furious on the baby boomers and millennials, offering the latest insights on consumer...

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  • Rethink Risk - and Redefine What’s Possible

    By Stacy Varney|June 24, 2015|English

    The nature of risk is dynamic - it changes as quickly as the environment changes. As such, approaches to managing dynamic risk must also evolve over time. We believe the Life/Health insurance industry has not fundamentally modified its risk management...

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  • Concerns Rise Over MERS

    By Dr. Ian Cox |June 11, 2015|English | Deutsch

    By June 11, 2015, nine deaths were attributed to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in South Korea, where 130 cases had been confirmed. It is the largest outbreak of the viral disease recorded outside the Arabian Peninsula so far. So just what...

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  • Insurers Get the Measure of Wearable Tech

    By Ross Campbell |June 02, 2015|English

    Ever considered wearing clothing that monitors your heart rate and helps reduce stress? It’s not so far-fetched - something similar is already patented. Along with telematics, “wearables” like this belong to the fast-expanding group...

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  • Insurance Exchanges and Older Consumers

    By Steve Woods |May 31, 2015|English

    With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in 2010, Americans were introduced to a relatively new way to purchase health insurance - the exchange. A government-regulated exchange is publicly run by either the state or...

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  • Who Cares What the Customer Thinks? New Research Shares Consumers’ Perspectives on Exchanges

    By Mike Fullerton |April 26, 2015|English

    Recently I Googled "Research on Insurance Exchanges.” It may (or may not) be a surprise to you that I got almost 17 million search results. What came up was an abundance of information - reports on everything from how to navigate them to...

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