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  • Will Online Hospital Report Metrics Change MPL Claim Behavior?

    By Joe Meli|April 08, 2013|English

    The Association of Health Care Journalists launched a new searchable website that makes it easier for the general public to scrutinize a hospital. With only Internet access, anyone can read hospital inspection reports and find the deficiencies uncovered...

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  • Scanning For Emerging MPL Risks

    By Charlie Kingdollar |August 02, 2012|English

    Medical professional liability insurers in the U.S. operate in an environment where they are constantly challenged by emerging risks and new exposures. In the current edition of MPL News we look at the latest thinking on how CT scans increase the risk...

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  • Healthcare Reform Is Changing Medical Professional Liability - Are you ready?

    By Joe Meli|July 03, 2012|English

    The U.S. healthcare system is in the middle of the most significant change in its history. The Affordable Care Act and similar private initiatives will result in shifting loss exposures, new areas of liability, and changes in the frequency and severity...

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