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  • Time to Put Tax Returns in the Underwriter's Toolkit

    By Tony Forte|July 19, 2012|English

    “The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things”…sometimes that talk also involves the walk. Removing roadblocks to sales in an effort to be more profitable is the ultimate goal; perhaps that can be achieved by making...

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  • How Many Insurance Executives Does it Take to Make a Claim Decision?

    By Patricia Bailer |July 17, 2012|English

    Although a quick response and a punch line might be expected, the answer may not be clear cut… Are Two Heads Better Than One? Making a claim decision is multi-faceted. It reflects opinions from the claim, underwriting, legal and marketing...

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  • Life Insurance - Finding out what makes consumers tick

    By Steve Mannik|May 30, 2012|English

    The low interest rate environment, combined with other economic factors, make this a challenging time for life insurers. Not only is it difficult to price business, tough economic conditions are making it hard to find growth. As a result, many carriers...

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  • U.S. Group Life Business in Need Of Stimulus

    By Drew King|April 28, 2012|English

    The U.S. Group Life insurance market remains a mixed bag, according to our latest market survey. While in-force premium appears to be holding up, new sales continue to struggle. Thirty-four companies, representing over $22.3 billion in Total Life and...

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  • Life, Death, Lapses and Loyalty

    By Andres Webersinke |January 15, 2012|English

    Life insurance is different from most other products or services in that the purchaser is never going to “enjoy” its benefits. That’s because those benefits come with morbidity or mortality. Yet customer loyalty is important and insurers...

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