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  • Critical Illness Claims Adjudication

    By Steve Rowley |June 12, 2013|English

    Critical Illness claim adjudication is an important part of the risk management process. As such, it is important to recognize the unique skills required to properly adjudicate a Critical Illness claim so that the insurer provides fairly the benefits...

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  • Survey - Group Business Rebounds

    By Drew King|May 16, 2013|English

    Our recently released U.S. Group Disability (LTD and STD) and Group Term Life market survey shows that sales premium growth bounced back in 2012, outperforming experience in recent years. Combined total Group LTD and STD new sales premium for participating...

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  • Assessing Risk in Life Insurance – Case study #7

    By Tony Forte|January 21, 2013|English

    This month’s case study was developed by by Kevin Uryase, FLMI, FALU, ACS. Kevin is Second Vice President, and one of the Underwriting Managers in our Individual Products Division. This case demonstrates the value of the Underwriter and Medical...

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  • 800,000 Claims and 250 Million Life Years From the German Market – A Life actuary’s dream

    By Karin Neelsen |January 04, 2013|English

    Understanding past morbidity experience and making appropriate assumptions for the future are traditional functions of many life insurance actuaries. With falling interest rates and the growing availability of data, the importance of data analyses comes...

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  • Assessing Risk in Life Insurance – Case study #6

    By Tony Forte|December 26, 2012|English

    This month’s case study demonstrates the challenge of matching an underwriting decision to a change in medical diagnosis. Age/Gender: 56-year-old female Amount applied for: $290,000 Beneficiary: Children Background: This 56-year-old advertising...

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  • Thoughts on Group Insurance - a wholesale model in a retail world

    By Drew King|December 19, 2012|English

    You hear about it all the time – the focus of the group insurance market is shifting from the employer to the employee/consumer. We’ve also been hearing about it for a long time; I remember being part of a large carrier initiative on the...

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