Our Perspective

  • Fraud - A Fact of Life Insurance

    By Steve Mannik|December 02, 2013|English

    Fraud will always be present in the life insurance marketplace. Innovative and increasingly sophisticated scams mean that insurers have to constantly improve their processes and find new tools to help them fight false claims. Some fraud schemes read...

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  • How Our Research Works For You

    By Marcy Updike|November 09, 2013|English

    Interested in learning how to gain insights into Disability and Group Life insurance market trends? A unique service delivered through our Research Center - our MarketCheck survey series - is focused on providing just that. Designed to help our Disability...

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  • Measuring Mortality Risk for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

    By Mary Murphy|October 10, 2013|English

    Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL), formerly called Hodgkin’s disease, is a B-cell lymphoma that’s classified by the World Health Organization into one of five subtypes. The most common is nodular sclerosing, which accounts for 65% of HL in...

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  • Asking the Right Questions To Uncover High Risk Drinking

    By Ross Campbell |September 25, 2013|English

    Hazardous alcohol consumption is a big problem in many countries around the world - and in some places it is getting worse. The increase in under-age excess and “binge-drinking,” and the high-frequency consumption patterns of older people...

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  • Gen Re Research - New Zealand Mortality Investigation

    By Sara Goldberg |September 04, 2013|English

    Gen Re's Life/Health Research and Development has recently completed a mortality investigation of New Zealand assured lives in conjunction with the New Zealand Society of Actuaries and our Life colleagues in Australia. The report covers years 2008 –...

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  • Thoughts on Life/Health Insurance - After the Boomers

    By Drew King|August 02, 2013|English

    Fifteen years ago I heard a professional demographer speak at a conference. It was the first time I’d ever heard about or seen “bubble charts,” and I was fascinated by the way he predicted things that would happen in the future based...

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