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Our Perspective

  • E-Cigarettes: Cessation Device or Alternative Vice? [Presentation]

    By Ross Campbell |August 12, 2014|English

    Ever since they emerged on the market 10 years ago, the popularity of e-cigarettes has been rising. They represent an alternative to smoking that potentially reduces the harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke from thousands to just one, and many claims...

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  • Stress Tests: Underwriting Psychiatric Disorders

    By Sarah Fusco |August 07, 2014|English

    Stress is common in today’s high-pressure world, and it can have a big impact on our well-being. Personal situations can cause anyone anxiety and depression, but a lot of people also have significant psychiatric impairments that are related to...

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  • Ebola - The New Swine Flu?

    By Ross Campbell |August 05, 2014|English

    The increasing alarm surrounding the most recent outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a chilling reminder of the potential for the spread of viruses to rapidly reach epidemic proportions. Since March 2014, the scale and spread of the current...

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  • Life Benefit Riders – Get on Track

    By Joe Atamaniuk, MBA, FLMI |June 19, 2014|English

    Living benefit riders, or accelerated death benefit riders (ABR), have been around the life insurance arena for many years, but as the industry looks for ways to attract new customers, their use has intensified recently. There are three different kinds...

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  • Rethinking Mental Health Claims

    By Viviane Murphy |June 05, 2014|English

    A person experiencing depression or any other psychological distress is perhaps at the lowest ebb in life. As life insurers, our principal role is supporting customers when their conditions become disabling for them. Part of our role is also to help...

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  • Group Disability and Term Life Survey - First the Good News

    By Marcy Updike|June 04, 2014|English

    There were many encouraging results to report in this year’s U.S. Group Disability and Group Term Life Market Survey. After all, each of the products - LTD, STD and Life - saw positive growth in sales and in-force premium. This hasn't always...

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