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  • How to Sow the Wind but Avoid a Whirlwind Of Liability Claims

    By Dmitry Danilin |August 06, 2012|English

    Wind power is considered a safe and clean alternative source of energy. But it is a deceptively complex technology that can lead to a large number of loss scenarios for liability insurers. If you think about the insurance needed for wind energy systems...

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  • Blurred Lines Around Liquor Liability Create Hangovers

    By Mindy Pollack |June 28, 2012|English

    Alcohol doesn’t just create liability exposures for bars and dram shops. Almost every type of commercial and personal risk in an insurance carrier’s book can be the source of a liquor liability claim. Dram Shop and Social Host liability...

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  • Tough Calls For Casualty Carriers

    By Mindy Pollack |June 18, 2012|English

    Casualty professionals are used to claims from left-field - but courts’ opinions can be just as hard to call. Our latest edition of Casualty Matters provides a number of fascinating examples of the judicial capacity to surprise across a range...

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  • All in Bad Faith?

    By Art Harris|May 17, 2012|English

    Bad faith liability is a fact of doing insurance business and no carrier is immune to the exposure. Insurers across the U.S. are susceptible when they deny coverage, reject settlement offers and do not investigate claims promptly. That’s why we’ve...

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  • Personal Injury Exposures - Nothing to LOL about

    By Charlie Kingdollar |April 24, 2012|English

    How many insurers would have predicted 20 years ago that the Internet would create personal injury exposure for them? Yet with social media use growing exponentially, it’s increasingly clear that cyberspace is becoming a fertile environment for...

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  • Emerging Issues - Into the land of “known unknowns”

    By Charlie Kingdollar |March 02, 2012|English

    It’s hard for insurers to get their arms around emerging risks: they come in so many different forms. All they have in common is little or no historical data with which underwriters can work with. However, by definition, emerging risks are already...

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