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  • How Our Flood Expertise Can Help You Write More Profitable Business [Video]

    By Tim Pappas |November 11, 2013|English

    All insurance companies would like to write more profitable business...the question is how. Recently I worked with a regional company that was looking to write larger and more diverse accounts. They felt that in order to compete for this business,...

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  • Going Green With Solar Energy – A Panel Debate

    By Helen Kim |October 26, 2013|English

    There’s been a big increase in the number of commercial structures that have roof-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) panels placed on them. Economic, political and social incentives mean that this trend is likely to continue all around the world. Some...

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  • Finding the Tools For Managing Tornado Risk

    By Tony Iafrate|October 07, 2013|English

    Tornadoes are not a new peril in the U.S.: They’ve always been around. Yet in recent years it’s as if destructive touchdowns are becoming more frequent and more severe. But how much do we really know about tornadoes and twister activity...

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  • Limiting The Hidden Costs of Natural Catastrophes

    By Geoff Piggot|September 09, 2013|English

    Strange weather patterns have resulted in serious economic disruption and unprecedented losses for insurers around the world recently. In the U.S., despite the fact that no hurricane greater than a Cat 1 made landfall between 2010 and 2012, there were...

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  • When Empty Premises Are Full of Risks

    By Rick Hartmann III |August 27, 2013|English

    Economic uncertainty continues to cloud the outlook for the commercial real estate sector in 2013 even though the market has improved over the past year and rents are expected to grow modestly in 2013. Despite the fact that vacancy rates are predicted...

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  • Lessons From Sandy

    By Chuck Veres |August 09, 2013|English

    It was big - the largest on record as measured by its diameter at 1,100 miles. And it was expensive – the industry insured loss is currently estimated at $19 billion. What else can be learned from Hurricane Sandy? By the time it came ashore in...

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