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  • Current ERM and ORSA Practices

    By Jeremy Starr|January 07, 2013|English

    The unrelenting move towards a principle-based statutory regulatory environment has been recently evidenced by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) passage of principle-based reserves as well as Risk Management and Own Risk...

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  • Thoughts on Group Insurance - a wholesale model in a retail world

    By Drew King|December 19, 2012|English

    You hear about it all the time – the focus of the group insurance market is shifting from the employer to the employee/consumer. We’ve also been hearing about it for a long time; I remember being part of a large carrier initiative on the...

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  • Ratings - A restricted view of Reinsurance Default Risk?

    By Darius Weglarz|December 06, 2012|English

    The European Commission’s Solvency II Directive prescribes a formulaic approach to reinsurance risk management, but it doesn’t mean that insurers can neglect their own qualitative and quantative analysis when selecting reinsurance partners....

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  • ORSA - U.S. leaps ahead

    By Jeremy Starr|November 15, 2012|English

    In my last blog, I discussed the passage of the Risk Management and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Model Act by the NAIC. The inspiration for this move was the need for the U.S. regulatory scheme to become more compatible with the EU and Solvency...

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  • Own Risk and Solvency Assessment - Why now?

    By Steve Rowley|September 27, 2012|English

    On September 12, 2012 the NAIC adopted the Risk Management and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Model Act. The Act is to become effective January 1, 2015 and will require the filing of the first annual ORSA Summary Report that year. For companies...

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  • Thoughts on Life/Health Insurance - The "I" Word

    By Drew King|September 04, 2012|English

    In our ongoing conversations with executives and managers in the U.S. Life/Health business, a recurring theme is something I'll call the "I word” - Innovation. Everyone believes passionately in its importance to his or her future success;...

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