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  • Weather Advisory - It Is Time to Act

    By Tad Montross|March 06, 2013|English

    Weather patterns around the world are changing. From the acceleration of the Arctic ice melt to the record temperatures experienced in Australia, extreme weather events seem to be on the increase. Here are some examples: - In 2012, New York City...

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  • Ratings - A restricted view of Reinsurance Default Risk?

    By Darius Weglarz|December 06, 2012|English

    The European Commission’s Solvency II Directive prescribes a formulaic approach to reinsurance risk management, but it doesn’t mean that insurers can neglect their own qualitative and quantative analysis when selecting reinsurance partners....

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  • The Fac Files - More than just a transaction

    By Tim Dunn |November 05, 2012|English

    Previous editions of our blog have focused on how facultative transactions enable an underwriter to write a risk he or she otherwise might not have been able to write. Sometimes lost in the noise, however, is how valuable conversations with our facultative...

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  • Cat's Soft Market - Looking for an end

    By Robert Vitale|October 10, 2012|English

    Back in 2010 a refrain that was commonly heard, and in some corners of the insurance industry generally accepted, was that without a catastrophe event of at least US $100 billion, the soft market that began in 2003 would continue indefinitely. Despite...

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  • Risk, Relationships and Ratings Explored

    By Janice Englesbe|October 01, 2012|English

    The global insurance industry was not as badly burned as the banking sector by the financial crisis, but it created uncertainty around all financial institutions. For insurers it’s meant that credit and financial strength ratings are more important...

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  • The Fac Files - Don’t decline that WC risk yet

    By Tim Dunn |September 18, 2012|English

    In my July blog, I discussed the various ways that Fac can be used to “carve out” a more vertical exposure within an otherwise docile risk. This month I’ll delve further into how and where Fac can be strategically used within Workers’...

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