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  • America's Stuxnet - Achilles heel found in systems used by Pentagon, power grid

    By Charlie Kingdollar |June 26, 2012|English

    An article that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor discusses an "amateur cybersecurity researcher" who found the digital version of a back door into everything from traffic lights to trains, refineries, pipelines, power plants and missile...

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  • Tough Calls For Casualty Carriers

    By Mindy Pollack |June 18, 2012|English

    Casualty professionals are used to claims from left-field - but courts’ opinions can be just as hard to call. Our latest edition of Casualty Matters provides a number of fascinating examples of the judicial capacity to surprise across a range...

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  • Get Ready For the Cat Around the Corner

    By Sue Stein |June 12, 2012|English

    Mark Twain once said “everyone complains about the weather but no one ever does anything about it.” Well, that’s almost true about the insurance industry. While there is nothing carriers can do to prevent extreme weather events like...

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  • Life Insurance - Finding out what makes consumers tick

    By Steve Mannik|May 30, 2012|English

    The low interest rate environment, combined with other economic factors, make this a challenging time for life insurers. Not only is it difficult to price business, tough economic conditions are making it hard to find growth. As a result, many carriers...

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  • Alarm Bells Ringing For Workers’ Comp. Carriers

    By Diane Brown|May 21, 2012|English

    Workers’ Compensation business is always challenging. But insurers now have some critical issues that have the potential to seriously impact their bottom line. The use of opioids – drugs long used to treat acute pain and approved by the...

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  • U.S. Group Disability Market – accentuate the positive

    By Drew King|May 21, 2012|English

    Is there cause for optimism in the U.S. Group Disability Market? Figures from our latest U.S. Group Disability Market Survey, which covers around 95% of the marketplace, would seem to suggest so, with 2011 seeing some respectable albeit moderate gains. Total...

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