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  • Assessing Risk in Life Insurance - Case study 3

    By Tony Forte|September 24, 2012|English

    For a change of pace, this month’s case study was submitted by my colleague, John Najarian, FALU, FLMI, CLU ChFC, VP and Chief Underwriter of our Group and Specialty Division. John is responsible for leading the underwriting of our Individual...

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  • The Fac Files - Don’t decline that WC risk yet

    By Tim Dunn |September 18, 2012|English

    In my July blog, I discussed the various ways that Fac can be used to “carve out” a more vertical exposure within an otherwise docile risk. This month I’ll delve further into how and where Fac can be strategically used within Workers’...

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  • Developing a Critical Illness Product

    By Steve Rowley |September 14, 2012|English

    Once a company has made the decision either to enter the growing Critical Illness insurance market or to revise its existing Critical Illness product offerings, the time is right to begin the difficult process of deciding which benefits and product...

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  • Cyber Search Engine Shodan Exposes Industrial Control Systems to New Risks

    By Charlie Kingdollar |September 12, 2012|English

    Actual physical damage caused by malware and malicious software is becoming an increasing reality and one that insurers need to consider. Make no mistake, this exposure has already left the realm of hypothetical. The most recent reported danger comes...

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  • Assessing Risk in Life Insurance - Case study 2

    By Tony Forte|September 11, 2012|English

    This month’s case study involves a husband and wife applying for Second to Die coverage. Ages: Male, age 61 / Female, age 56 Amount applied for: $1,250,000 Beneficiary: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Background: The male is a self-employed...

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  • Thoughts on Life/Health Insurance - The "I" Word

    By Drew King|September 04, 2012|English

    In our ongoing conversations with executives and managers in the U.S. Life/Health business, a recurring theme is something I'll call the "I word” - Innovation. Everyone believes passionately in its importance to his or her future success;...

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