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  • How To Find Paths to Growth

    By Carole Ferrero |October 28, 2013|English

    I’m often asked by clients, what can Gen Re do to help us grow our business and drive better performance? In a sense it’s an easy question to answer because as a direct reinsurer, we share in the risk. We strive for mutual success and...

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  • A Guide to Re-evaluating Your Reinsurance Program

    By Berto Sciolla |October 21, 2013|English

    There are many reasons to take a fresh look at your reinsurance program. It might be because you’re dissatisfied with your current provider, or need to meet due diligence requests from the board - or it might be part of a larger ERM process. But...

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  • Tail Risk

    By Tad Montross|October 14, 2013|English

    Regulators and rating agencies are placing more and more emphasis on insurers using models to measure risk better. It means that the industry now spends a lot of time discussing PMLs (probable maximum loss), VaRs (value at risk) and “1% or...

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  • Fitch Ratings Comments on the Property/Casualty Industry’s Ability To Predict Emerging Issues

    By Charlie Kingdollar |September 06, 2013|English

    In a recent article appearing in “Carrier Management," amid comments about reserve deficiencies for asbestos and environmental claims, Fitch Ratings also let its position be known about the ability of the Property/Casualty insurance industry...

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  • The Fac Files - The Sum of Its Parts

    By Tim Dunn |August 15, 2013|English

    In a recent blog, I discussed how the word “Fac” may have more meanings than we initially give it credit for, with a few specific examples of tunnel vision about WHY Facultative Reinsurance is often used. But this phenomenon can also apply...

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  • The Innovation Imperative

    By John Cholnoky |July 15, 2013|English

    I've been thinking a lot about the challenge of innovation in our industry, and I recently had the opportunity to participate in a NAMIC Management Conference panel on the subject. Changes in our business environment are prompting lots of questions...

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