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  • Time to Refocus on Flood Exposures? - Discussion of U.S. flood zone mapping issues

    By Peter Hakenen |October 12, 2012|English

    Flooding events seem to have become more severe and more frequent. After recent events around the world, few in the global insurance industry need reminding of that. In the U.S., changes in infrastructure, such as new roadways, commercial and residential...

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  • Cat's Soft Market - Looking for an end

    By Robert Vitale |October 10, 2012|English

    Back in 2010 a refrain that was commonly heard, and in some corners of the insurance industry generally accepted, was that without a catastrophe event of at least US $100 billion, the soft market that began in 2003 would continue indefinitely. Despite...

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  • Critical Illness Insurance - Benefit Eligibility Selection

    By Steve Rowley |October 08, 2012|English

    When developing a Critical Illness insurance product, many important decisions must be made. Unlike other forms of insurance, Critical Illness insurance is unique in that insurers must decide which conditions to cover when developing their product....

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  • Injection Wells - What goes in the ground stays in the ground?

    By Charlie Kingdollar |October 03, 2012|English

    The theory behind the use of deep injection disposal wells, which place oil and gas drilling fluids, and other liquid wastes, deep into the ground, is that layers of rock will safely entomb the waste for a thousand years or more. There is now evidence...

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  • Risk, Relationships and Ratings Explored

    By Janice Englesbe|October 01, 2012|English

    The global insurance industry was not as badly burned as the banking sector by the financial crisis, but it created uncertainty around all financial institutions. For insurers it’s meant that credit and financial strength ratings are more important...

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  • Own Risk and Solvency Assessment - Why now?

    By Steve Rowley|September 27, 2012|English

    On September 12, 2012 the NAIC adopted the Risk Management and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Model Act. The Act is to become effective January 1, 2015 and will require the filing of the first annual ORSA Summary Report that year. For companies...

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