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  • What’s Fueling Record Wildfires in the U.S.? [Infographic]

    By Chris Beston|September 16, 2015|English

    As wildfires continue to burn throughout the western states, there are specific areas of concern for underwriters. As part three of our wildfire series, this Infographic gives an overview of the current wildfire situation in the U.S. and provides a...

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  • The Tianjin Port Explosion

    By Tom Qiu|September 07, 2015|English | Français

    On 25 August 2015, upon an invitation from local Chinese clients, the Gen Re China team visited the site of the recent Tianjin Port explosion. A field inspection of the affected area was conducted within the 1km to 3km radius. Access within the 1km...

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  • Are Property Premiums Depressed by Underinsurance?

    By Geoff Piggot|September 03, 2015|English | Français

    Speak to any property underwriter and the conversation quickly turns to how “soft” the market is and how low the rates are. But one thing rarely mentioned is the amount of premium that isn’t paid due to incorrect valuations on property...

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  • Are Real Estate Companies Underinsured in Latin America?

    By Viviane Mardirossian |August 24, 2015|English | Español

    Insurance policies are normally stored in drawers and removed from the “to do” list after the negotiation process. It’s a mission accomplished every year. But how many insureds are really aware of the conditions of the coverage they...

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  • Wildfire Outlook – What Lies Ahead in Late Summer?

    By Chris Beston|August 13, 2015|English

    In my last blog I pointed out that 2013 and 2014 had the fewest wildfires on record since 1994, despite record drought conditions in much of the U.S. We have not been so lucky thus far in 2015 as there have been 37,389 fires through August 7, which...

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  • Germanwings Crash Highlights Gaps in Bereavement Compensation

    By Manfred Tews |July 13, 2015|English

    “Nothing will be as it was before,” said a relative of a victim of the Germanwings crash that occurred in March. Those words sum up the situation in which victims of acts of violence and their relatives find themselves. For them, pain and...

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