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  • Money to Burn? Recycling Risks Reconsidered

    By Leo Ronken |April 24, 2018|English

    The waste sector plays an important role in the global economy. Overall, the recycling industry supplies around 40% of the world’s raw material needs. The sector’s annual turnover is estimated at more than $200 billion. But recycling sites...

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  • Underwriting Ratings for Auto Racing - Revisited

    By Cecil Ramotar |April 23, 2018|English

    Oval track racing has one of the largest participant bases for auto racing within the U.S. - and Gen Re’s North America Life underwriters have recently completed a detailed analysis of activity on these tracks which lead to a revision of our rating...

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  • P&C Insurance Analytics – What Drives Your Priorities?

    By Upendra Belhe |April 12, 2018|English

    When we say the business environment for P&C insurance is changing at a rapid pace, no one seems surprised. But how are carriers responding to it? Data Analytics is the most accepted transformative force; there seems to be no doubt about that at...

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  • Starts and Stops With Autonomous Driving in the U.S.

    By Charlie Kingdollar |April 09, 2018|English

    Autonomous vehicles, both cars and trucks, are being tested in at least a dozen states across the U.S. Commercial use has already begun with autonomous tractor-trailers hauling cargo and rideshare firms transporting passengers in cars in several locations....

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  • Paper Breaches Nearly Triple – 5 Tips to Reduce the Risk

    By Sarah Turek |April 04, 2018|English

    Did you know that the number of data breaches involving paper records nearly tripled in 2017? In a world where companies strive to be paperless, a lot of paper still circulates out there. When these paper records are lost or mishandled, data breaches...

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  • Automated Driving - Impact on Loss Costs Until 2035

    By Mathias N. Schubert (guest contributor)|March 23, 2018|English

    The effects of driver assistance and automated driving systems on road safety and accident loss costs are the subject of numerous and often speculative prognoses. For some, a massive reduction of road accidents and attendant loss costs is more or less...

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