Gen Re Intermediaries

The Expert Choice in Catastrophe Risk Management®

Gen Re Intermediaries

Gen Re Intermediaries is a reinsurance intermediary and risk advisor that specializes in delivering global reinsurance market solutions for Property Catastrophe, Aviation, Workers' Compensation, Catastrophe and Casualty Clash exposures. With our state-of-the art risk management analytics, we help Property/Casualty insurance companies optimally manage their catastrophic loss exposure.

Our continuous communication with the global reinsurance community enables us to keep our clients current with evolving trends, risk appetites and product solutions. We use proprietary portfolio risk management tools that are custom-tailored to each client to improve their gross exposure management. These tools give our clients the capability to make better risk/return tradeoffs within their gross risk portfolio - thus optimizing the value of their net retained book of business.

We have a unique competitive advantage: We offer our clients full access to the capacity of the worldwide reinsurance marketplace at competitive terms, coupled with the unbiased risk advisory perspective that can only be provided by an entity that has the collective insight of one of the world's largest risk underwriting groups.

We can provide our clients with more value per dollar of reinsurance premium ceded than any other risk advisor.